The 'VALID 5G + AIOT Accelerator Roadshow' wraps up in the Binjiang District of Hangzhou City

2020-01-17 17:15:58 source: nihub

For most of the entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, the Binjiang District of Hangzhou is a dreamland. So far, the Bin­jiang District is al­ready host to the of­fices for a broad range of lead­ing in­ter­net, fi­nance, and tech firms, in­clud­ing Al­ibaba, NetEase, Hikvision and so on. Here in Binjiang, the dream makers will always be able to find opportunities for entrepreneurship and start-ups. It is also well known that Binjiang District is home to a large number of incubators and accelerators of small and medium-size tech-based enterprises. The "VALID 5G + AIoT Accelerator" is such an example that its aim is to create an eco-system of innovation and provide proof of concepts within 5G AIoT that add value to the telecoms industry as a whole. 


On January 15th, the VALID 5G + AIOT Accelerator Roadshow Contest was held in the Smart E Valley of the IoT Town in Hangzhou. Ten groups of start-up projects in line with the technical direction of VALID Accelerator started a fierce contest. 


The event was kicked off by Ms. Jiang Li, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Economy and Information Technology of Binjiang District, Hangzhou. After her keynote speech, the vice president of the global strategic business development of VALID, Jose Manuel Castro Lopez and CEO of Nihub, Lucas Rondez introduced the accelerators of VALID and VALID 5G + AIoT respectively. 



The roadshow was conducted in three batches. After being approved by the VALID review team and guest judges, five teams were selected to enter the second phase of the contest. They are TARO, ATLAS, BOOLEBOX, Robsense and A series of mobile payment security APP products based on biometric identification. All of them will receive an accelerated start-up bonus of RMB 50,000 per team and follow-up guidance on accelerators from professional instructors. Here come the full list and details of the winners. 


Robsense provides customers with high-performance flight control modules of drones and overall drone solutions, which has already owned many patents and innovative technologies in the field of robot control and computer networks. In the future, the company will provide mobile robots that are applied to air, land, and water to promote the development of AI intelligent robots. At present, customers of the I-800 open platform cover special monitoring, public safety, smart city, and other industries.


A series of mobile payment security APP products based on biometric identification

Professor Zhang Xinman of Xi'an Jiaotong University has developed a series of mobile payment security APP products based on biometric identification to help Android users improve the security, comfort, and reliability of transactions when using online transactions. Technological innovation lies in the integration of the independence and complementarity between speech and multiple biometric features of faces, reducing FAR and FRR indicators, and improving the credibility of the authentication system. In limited tests, the accuracy of recognition can reach 100%.


Currently, the positioning technology on the market is not accurate enough. Except for TOF and binocular, practical technologies are all active technologies. TARO has the highest accuracy in the UWB solution. Only the integration of active and passive vision solutions is the final solution. The positioning technology of TARO is stable with low cost, and it can distinguish signal sources, which can be located at a long distance, without being affected by outdoor sunlight. It is the only universal infrared positioning solution.



ATLAS is a hardware engineering and manufacturing creation company located in Paris and Shenzhen. It has professional achievements and rich experience in the field of industrial Internet of Things and manufacturing. It provides development services for companies with industrial operation needs to help them make full use of the features of connected smart devices. ATLAS provides complete IoT solutions, including system construction, equipment production, and comprehensive installation. Its application scenarios include environmental monitoring, asset tracking, smart grid, smart parking, etc.



BOOLEBOX is a data protection company from Italy, specializing in data security protection, developing unique and innovative security software solutions to ensure the complete protection of company data. BOOLEBOX’s military encryption and encryption keys enable individual users or companies in any industry to fully control their data while preventing unauthorized access and can be customized for small, medium and large enterprises. It can be fully modularized, and provide users with convenient access and immediate file availability.

【In Zhejiang Plus】What is the "VALID 5G + AIoT Accelerator Program"?

The goal of the VALID Accelerator is to create an eco-system of innovation and provide proof of concepts within 5G AIoT that add value to VALID and the telecoms industry as a whole. The program is looking for top-notch technology and innovation enterprises either based in China or looking to expand and grow in China to apply to the program.

nihub, a famous innovation incubator in Binjiang District will select 20 startups from the application pool to pitch directly to the VALID X nihub accelerator team. After the pitch, the top five start-ups will be invited to join the program.

What’s the timeline for the application?

The accelerator program launches on October 28th. The application process will be open for two months, closing on December 31st. 

After the deadline, the program will review all applications and create a shortlist of the top 20 start-ups that will then be invited to pitch their business during a VALID 5G+AIoT roadshow.

Based on the pitches at the roadshow, the top 5 startups that have the potential to benefit the most from the accelerator will be selected to participate in the three-month program which will run between February and April 2020.

Written by Ye Ke


Correspondent: Huang Yuxi

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