Online celebrity "Goose Lady Wang" achieves an annual gross sales of over 8 million yuan by selling foie gras

2019-12-24 18:33:37 source: Zhejiang News (Chen Zui, Shao Ying, Hong Yanwen)


Lu Huafang was born in Xiaoshan in 1986. In 2009, her mother-in-law’s lifelong traditional goose breeding farm fell into an operating crisis. Lu Huafang gave up her urban white-collar lifestyle and returned to her hometown to raise geese. Young people’s knowledge, vision, and sensitivity to the Internet have injected new vitality into the goose farm.


Urban white-collar raises geese in the countryside

During her university life, Lu Huafang's major was marketing. She is very clear that only with innovative sales models can the market be opened. The first thing she thought of was selling foie gras online.



Test the market for hundreds of times

A few months after the store was launched on Taobao, Lu Huafang encountered a bottleneck. As she sold a whole piece of foie gras, it was not easy to cook. She tossed and turned, and finally decided to cook the foie gras before selling it to solve customers’ cooking problems.

Soon, Lu Huafang’s cooked foie gras was listed on Taobao, and all of a sudden it became popular. People begin to remember the brand “Goose Lady Wang”, and its sales on Taobao in the first year reached more than 1 million yuan.


Gaining word of mouth with the “troublesome” approach

The goslings are free-ranged within 5 months after their shells are broken, and they eat natural grains such as corn and ryegrass. Lu Huafang also carefully arrange them to “eat less but more meals.”

Lu Huafang is very clear, that if goslings are fed too much, the taste will be poor, and the foie gras will be soft after cooked, so she chose a more “troublesome” way to raise the goslings.

Now, the Taobao shop of “Goose Lady Wang” has a customer return rate of more than 30%. With the “company + base + cooperative” operating model, the total online and offline turnover exceeds 28 million yuan per year, and it also helps 118 households, farmers and members of the farm in the surrounding area to jointly get wealthy, and that’s how Lu Huafang’s nickname “Goose Lady Wang” is spread.

Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Ye Ke, Chen Wenjing

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