Ningbo: culture and business integration boosts consumption in Haishu District

2019-08-07 11:47:20 source: 宁波市人民政府网站

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Seven out of eight traditional historical streets in Ningbo are found in Haishu District. Guided by the transition and upgrading initiative, Haishu has pushed for greater connectivity between traditional historical streets and modern commercial districts and deeper integration of cultural and commercial tourism since 2019, which is part of its effort to build itself into a demonstration city of international consumption featuring both ancient and modern styles.

Progress has been made to promote the integration of traditional culture and modern leisure in Haishu since 2019, with commercial facilities improved, consumption drivers fostered and consumption quality enhanced. A business layout combining traditional business centers, such as Tianyi Plaza, Heyi Avenue Shopping Center and 1844, and the so-called extended Tinayi Business District in historical blocks, such as Moon Lake Garden and Nantang has taken shape. Business centers are also going through transformation. Fumao Shopping Mall is geared more to the needs of the young; construction of a new location of 1844 business district is about to kick off in Shangshu Street in Gulou, which is a historical urban area; Orient Shopping Center will be upgraded into a shopping and stores of more fashion brands will open in Heyi Avenue Shopping Center; a car exploration center and more catering businesses will be opened in 1844 Central Business District, attracting younger consumers.


"Historical streets and modern businesses are now seeing greater integration and traditional boundaries are blurred, which secures a robust driving force for modern businesses in Haishu." said Haishu Business Bureau. In the future, the extended Tianyi Business District will become a comprehensive and one-stopshopping center where historical culture and modern fashion meet and integratewith each other.


Apart from the integration of modern business area and historical streets, a focus is also placed on the integration of business and other industries, such as cultural tourism and physical education, which enriches the options of consumers. Take Nantang as an example, besides restoring the glory of old streets, it also sees the opening of many stores popular among young consumers. Following the strategy of boosting culture to lead the development of business and tourism, Gulou saw its total sales surpass 600 billion yuan and nearly 5.2million tourists in the first half of 2019, registering a 11% and 14% growth.

(Executive Editor: Yijun CHEN)

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