Zhejiang at the forefront of BRI efforts

2019-04-29 17:20:09 source: Zhejiang News; Translation: In Zhejiang


On the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation kicked off in Beijing on April 26,guests from different countries exchanged their views on the same topic in different languages.

A new pattern of reciprocity and mutual benefit

In the context of a complex situation, the economy of Zhejiang saw a "great start" in the first quarter, with remarkable achievements made in foreign trade. According to the statistics, the total exports and imports of the province in the first quarter was RMB 663.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 6.8%, taking the lead among major coastal provinces and municipalities with regard to growth speed. Behind the gratifying data was the forming of a diversified foreign trade market of Zhejiang at a faster pace.

Along the Ancient Silk Road, 320 Madrid-Yiwu trains ran last year, which shipped 25,060 TEU of cargoes in total, an increase of 68.8% compared with the previous year.

Up till now, Zhejiang has established 10 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in the countries along the Belt and Road, with an accumulated investment of over USD 5.5 billion, creating more than 60,000 jobs for host countries.

New force in "going global" in groups

Zhejiang’s enterprises are widely distributed in in different countries and regions along the Belt and Road. Zhejiang’s enterprises have become new force in practicing the Belt and Road Initiative. According to Wang Jianyi, Chairman of Federation of Industry and Commerce of Zhejiang Province, since 2013, direct investments of more than USD 28 billion have been made by Zhejiang’s enterprises in the countries along the Belt and Road, almost equivalent to the annual GDP of some countries, registering an annual growth of 31.1% on average, 26% higher than that of China.

Zhejiang pulls together to build a great platform

For years, Zhejiang has been deepening and solidifying the construction of Belt and Road and now it is imperative to call for a new platform that is opener and more inclusive.

Priority should be given to the promotion of the construction of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone in building an open and great platform. According to a relevant official of Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce, Zhejiang is trying actively to win the approval for expanding the Pilot Free Trade Zone and complete 89 reform and pilot tasks specified in the overall plan of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone. As a pilot area for reform, Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone will focus on "free trade zone + open and great platform" and explore a joint innovation zone in the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

This year Zhejiang has also made efforts in establishing new platforms overseas. It has promoted the cooperation in the establishment of an industrial park in the China-Indonesia Regional Integrated Economic Corridor, set up a team responsible for promoting the construction of the industrial park and a special team for preliminary work and raised a construction scheme for the industrial park. Zhejiang has promoted the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, facilitated the cross-border mergers and acquisitions of enterprises and encouraged enterprises of the province to establish overseas R&D centers and marketing networks. Moreover, the province has accelerated the construction of the Czech Station of the Belt and Road, launched the trade park of Czech Station and improved the operation and construction of Madrid-Yiwu cargo hub and logistics project.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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