Rui' an e-commerce development helps bolster the businesses of overseas Chinese

2019-04-25 15:27:47 source: Zhejiang Daily; Translation: In Zhejiang


As Kylin Pavilion and other projects have been launched in the Oversea Chinese Trade Town, the construction of Zhejiang (Rui'an) Oversea Chinese Trade E-commerce Innovative Development Demonstration Zone is gathering momentum in its pursuit of higher quality , attracting big brands.

In 2016, Rui'an was approved to establish the first oversea Chinese trade e-commerce innovative demonstration zone in Zhejiang; as Wenzhou creates the import commodity distribution center in the junction of southern Zhejiang, northern Fujian and eastern Jiangxi, and the comprehensive development pilot zone for Chinese merchants in the world, Rui'an started from Overseas Chinese Trade Town, and exerted every effort for the all-round construction of this demonstration zone.

At present, the framework of the Overseas Chinese Trade Town as "one park, two districts and three platforms" has basically come into shape. "One park" refers to the cross-border e-commerce park, which is planned to be an e-commerce training base and incubation platform of great capacity and radiation effects. "Two districts" refers to the import commodity distribution district and headquarters cluster district. Wherein, the Overseas Chinese Trade Square has been under construction, with a total investment approaching RMB one billion, and the Qiaobohui Import Commodity City is in trial operation. "Three platforms" includes the light industry display platform, foreign trade service platform, and industry-university-research cooperation platform; among them, the foreign trade service platform has cooperated with four major platforms of WZOWT.COM, Cybernaut, ZBJ.COM and Xinlian supply chain, and been put into full operation; the industry-university-research cooperation platform has worked with Zhejiang University of Technology and Zhejiang Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research to build Research Institute of South Zhejiang and Quality Inspection Center for Light Industry Fashion Products.

Since listed as provincial-level, the town alone has utilized RMB 1.824 billion of investment and implemented 10 projects worth over RMB 100 million. It has attracted 83 information economy enterprises, 42 e-commerce service platforms, and 21 famous brands; its tax revenue has exceeded RMB 100 million, and increased by 40% in 2018.

Next, Rui'an will speed up the construction progress and intensify efforts to introduce investment in its endeavor to create an Overseas Chinese Gathered Innovation and Entrepreneurship Zone and Overseas Chinese Businessman Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Zone with overseas Chinese culture, energetic cross-border e-commerce, and are fashion light industry-driven as well as famous in both China and abroad.

(Executive Editor: Lubin WANG)

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