Jinyun baked savory cake adds flavor to the Belt and Road Initiative

2019-04-25 10:51:41 source: 缙云烧饼协会;Translation: In Zhejiang


On April 17, the second season of the Belt and Road Initiative Investment Guide --Into Italy was broadcasted in the Economy in 30 Minutes on CCTV Channel Two (Finance Channel) on prime time.

By showing the development and governance patterns, legal systems, technical standards, industrial strengths, business opportunities and history of the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, the large-scale documentary launched by CCTV offers a valuable investment guide for Chinese enterprises going global. The documentary carries out on-site reports from the perspective of finance and economics, manifesting different countries' needs in economic development.



When it comes to Zhejiang Province's economic connection with Italy, the Jinyun baked savory cake has a say. 

In recent years, Jinyun County has made great efforts in the development of its baked savory cake industry. The tasty snack has been exported to many developed countries, including Italy, Canada, the USA, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Romania, etc. In Italy, the cake, often sold on motor vans, is getting popular among the locals, which adds flavor to the Belt and Road Initiative.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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