Yiwu one-stop procurement service for overseas small & micro sellers

2019-04-20 12:52:12 source: 义务商报;By Ting WANG; Translation: In Zhejiang


"Beep, beep, beep..." 

A familiar digital sound was generated from a computer in Yiwu Hedao E-commerce Co., Ltd. on the morning of April 7. This is a message from a Japanese client who wanted to order a batch of decorations. After the client placed the order, the purchaser in the company immediately started the procurement process, and mailed the cargoes to Shanghai on the same day after material selection, examination, buying and goods quality inspection. Around 8 o'clock on the morning of April 9, the newly purchased decorations were on the way to Japan by air and were delivered to the Japanese client on the afternoon of the same day.

By carrying out this beneficial trial in e-commerce mode innovation, the company provides overseas small and micro sellers with the one-stop domestic purchase service, allowing the home delivery to be completed in three days.

Since 2003, the cross-border e-commerce has experienced grass-root germination period, rapid growth period, crazy expansion period and stable growth period. The entire industrial chain has developed into the stage of maturity. China commodities, a foremost link in the global e-commerce trading chain, have imposed deep influences on the development of the global consumption market in the way of cross-border e-commerce.


Hu Zhipeng, the person in charge of Hedao Company said, "The demands of clients with small scale orders cannot be satisfied by large trading companies or traditional foreign trade, which has expedited the generation of network purchasing agent services."


With the development of cross-border e-commerce, the network purchasing agent services gradually shows signs of deficiency. "If a client wants to purchase commodities, he has to find the products through Alibaba, JD.com or other platforms, then make a form of purchasing content in Excel, and send it to us. This process is quite tedious," Hu Zhipeng said that if a client wants to purchase multiple commodities, merely the product searching process would take quite a lot of work.

How to help the clients purchase commodities conveniently has become a urgent problem confronting the network purchasing agent mode and the development of small and micro cross-border e-commerce.

In 2016, Hu Zhipeng who had accumulated a certain amount of small and micro sellers in Japan and suppliers began to try the platform-based project.


"The largest bottleneck in the network purchasing agent mode is the lack of commodity integration. What I need to do is to integrate the information of products to be purchased by small and micro sellers and the information of various suppliers, so that the client can place an order directly on the platform. Meanwhile, I have grafted the functions of the original purchasing agent mode onto the platform, so as to realize the one stop process of ordering, purchasing, cargo examination and cargo delivery," Hu Zhipeng said.


Since the establishment of the platform, over 15,000 Japanese merchants have registered with 800-1,000 orders placed per day.

As the gathering center of Chinese network businessmen, the global network commodity marketing center and the cross-border e-commerce highland, Yiwu was listed in the third batch of Cross-border E-commerce Compressive Pilot Areas. In the view of Hu Zhipeng, this will bring more opportunities for his company.

Hu Zhipeng said that currently they were developing the markets in South Korea and Southeast Asia, and were also searching for more suppliers to create a platform covering whole categories. They have stationed the company in the Mall - Cross-border E-business Park to make use of the integrated resources and enlarge the "cake" of the cross-border e-commerce platform. 

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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