Wenzhou Private Economic Advisory Group founded

2019-03-15 09:23:37 source: 温州市政府

Wenzhou Private Economic Advisory Group was established on March 4. Hiring 28 experts and appointing 10 cooperative associations (commercial associations), the Group is reportedly to provide consulting services to tackle hot and difficult issues in the private economy of Wenzhou such as the upgrading of traditional industries, the building of new momentum for economic growth, and the improvement of the business environment. It will become a booster for the healthy development of the private economy and a think tank for industrial transformation and a helper for enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Established by the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology (Private Economic Development Promotion Bureau), Wenzhou Private Economic Advisory Group operating in the “1+1+X” model (that is, hiring a group of experts, cooperating with a group of key industry associations and inviting experts from within and outside the city if necessary) is to gather the strength of experts and  scholars, industry association leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs and other sectors of the society to provide free services for private enterprises and entrepreneurs in the city.

The Wenzhou Private Economic Advisory Group will mainly provide technical services, policy consulting and project services. Technical services will help enterprises to promote the next generation of information technology applications such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, promote the deep integration of information technology and the real economy, and provide technical consulting services for private enterprises in intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, fashion manufacturing. Technical services also include consulting on corporate management, marketing, brand building, integration and restructuring, and corporate listing, and consulting services for the government to build public industrial technology platforms such as industrial Internet platforms and manufacturing innovation centers.

Policy consultation is to study the experience and practices of private economy development at home and abroad, to provide advice for the government to formulate industrial policies, development plans, economic reforms, and provide policy recommendations for enterprise transformation and development in accordance with the reality of Wenzhou.

The project services include providing information and feasibility demonstration services for the introduction of private economic development projects in Wenzhou, helping to connect domestic and foreign industry leading enterprises and investment promotion projects; providing technical consultation for enterprises to promote major project construction, and helping to solve problems in project implementation, etc. .

(Executive Editor: Yongliu HE)


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