Wenzhou-made Glasses Take the Stage at MIDO, the International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition

2019-03-13 13:11:54 source: 温州市政府


      The annual event of the International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition (MIDO), was opened on February 23rd, local time in Milan, Italy. On February 25th,Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the People’s Government of Ouhai District called up more than 200 manufacturers in the optometric and optical industry in Wenzhou to participate in the exhibition. Headed by Mr. Lin Jiaqian, President of Wenzhou Optometric and Optical Association, the delegation plans to promote Wenzou’s optometric and optical industry and China Glasses Town in Ouhai District, and seek opportunities for cooperation in research and development, talent cultivation, standards development and many other aspects.

  It is understood that the International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition in Milan (MIDO) is one of the most professional and trend-setting events in the global optometric and optical industry, attracting exhibitors from more than 50 countries and regions every year.1,323 eyewear manufacturers participated in this year’s exhibition, setting a new record for the number of exhibitors.

  While promoting glasses made in Wenzhou during the exhibition, Wenzhou Optometric and Optical Association, thanks to the referral from the China-Italy Youth Association, reached a preliminary agreement on comprehensive cooperation with the Italian Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers (ANFAO) after proactive  face-to-faceexchange. Luigino Boito, Chairman of the Board of Certottica, FlorianoPra Optical Research Institute of Italy, said that cooperation and exchanges will be carried out around four areas including R&D innovation, talent cultivation, standard setting and testing and certification under the framework of the national-level pilot program of talent exchange and cooperation between China and Italy. He suggested that responsible personnel should be designated by both sides to deepen communication and exchange, draft cooperation project documents, and carry out talent cultivation and R&D innovation after obtaining initial results in standard setting and testing certification.

  Lin Jiaqian told reporters that the optometric and optical industries in Italy and China are highly complementary with a huge room for cooperation. Expecting to strengthen cooperation with Italy in brand design, he invited representatives from Italy to participate in the Wenzhou Optical Fair and the Optical Culture Festival in May.

  Next, the city’s optometric and optical industry is to rely on the Ouhai Eyewear Industry Innovation Service Complex to create a platform for cooperation and exchange of talents between China and Italy, and introduce teams of international talents to help promote the industry.

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