"Made in Zhejiang" exhibition zone blows the China-CEEC Expo away

2019-06-10 20:52:51 source: ZJOL; Translation: In Zhejiang


The China-CEEC Expo opened on the morning of June 8 in Ningbo, and the theme exhibition zone "Made in China" set in Quality Hall 1 by Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration was officially opened. Themed as "certification and recognition - improve the value of supply chains, public brand - make our life better" the exhibition zone uses the uniform logo "DEFINED QUALITY" of Zhejiang's high-end public brands. Occupying an area of about 300 square meters, the entire exhibition zone is divided into four sections namely the public theme promotion zone, "Made in Zhejiang" display zone, "LISHUI SHANGENG" functional area and green housing experience zone. 

The exhibition zone has invited a number of brand companies in the consumer goods sector including Beely, Xingxing Bejoan, SUNYARD, SHINING 3D, AUX, etc. as well as famous certification institutions, to display the achievements of Zhejiang Province in promoting the construction of its public brand "DEFINED QUALITY, Made in Zhejiang" and exert the important role of certification and recognition in enhancing trust and serving development. During the exhibition, a series of consumer experience activities will be organized in the theme exhibition zone, and the LED display screen will be set up outside the hall to carry out joint publicity. 

(Executive Editor: Lubin WANG)

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