The winery from Moldova makes its debut on China-CEEC Expo in Ningbo

2019-06-09 21:45:59 source: ZJOL; Translation:In Zhejiang


On the morning of June 8, the first China - Central and Eastern European Countries Expo and International Consumer Goods Fair were officially opened. It is worth noting that after being upgraded to the national level, the Expo has included the exhibits from 27 countries including Germany, France, Austria, and Moldova apart from the Central and Eastern European countries. That is to say, companies of countries outside CEECs are also eligible to participate in the conference this year. The wine cellars of Coricova is one of them. This well-known winery in Europe comes from Moldova with nearly 5, 000 years of wine-making history.


It is the first time for Corikova to attend the Expo this year, and Sorin Maslo, its Marketing Manager, has led the team from Moldova to Ningbo.

Three years ago, Corikova started to cooperate with Yuyang Pinghui (Ningbo) Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd, hoping to expand its market share in China with the strength of Chinese companies. Sorin Maslo is very pleased to have such cooperation and also appreciates that the Expo is opening to more countries. He said: "China is a very big market. We are very grateful to our Chinese partners for increasing the sales of our products in China. We also hope that through the Expo, our wine will be more popular in Chinese consumers."

(Executive Editor: Lubin WANG)

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