Zhejiang fairy tale forests straight out of a story book

2019-05-25 16:12:14 source: 浙江新闻起航号“诗画浙江文旅资讯”;Translation:In Zhejiang


With summer here and temperatures edging higher, we've put together a list of Zhejiang forests where you can stay cool in the hot summer day.

Ancient Path of Chinese Torreya on Kuaiji Mountain, Shaoxing



As a rare species in the world, Chinese torreya is a gift from nature. After surviving centuries of cold wave and glacier, 105,000 Chinese torreya trees stretch all over the mountain, witnessing the history of the ancient land of Shaoxing.




These Chinese torreya trees are tall and straight, with luxuriant foliage, twisted roots and gnarled branches, taking different postures. They form a spectacular landscape of forests. Tall and straight with luxuriant foliage, twisted roots and gnarled branches, these trees form a spectacular forest view.

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ADD: Kuaiji Mountain, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province


Ruoliao Primitive Forest, Songyang County, Lishui City



In Ruoliao Primitive Forest, ancient trees at an age ranging from hundreds of years to thousands of years can be seen everywhere. Some call it the gloomiest primitive fairyland: The trees beside the ancient paths are lush and vigorous, the surfaces of rocks are covered by moss and lichen, and funguses are growing on the twisted roots on the ground...


When walking into the forest, it’s like entering Alice’s wonderland.

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ADD: Likeng Village, Anmin Town, Songyang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province.



Gutian Mountain of Kaihua County, Quzhou City



Gutian Mountain is the source of Qiantang River, where vegetation has been well-preserved. Hiking in the primitive forest, your will be greeted by the most refreshing air, while enjoying the wonderful music of nature from time to time. 


Get away from the haze, embrace the stars in the sky, and whisper “hello” to the fire flies at a summer night...

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ADD: Suzhuang Town, Kaihua County, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province


West Tianmu Mountain of Lin’an



Known as the “Kingdom of Giant Trees”, West Tianmu Mountain is blessed with a large cryptomeria community rare to see in the world. The towering ancient trees and the numerous strong cryptomeria stand upright, adding some masculinity to the enchanting landscapes of the Jiangnan Region.

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ADD: West Tianmu Tourist Spot, Lin’an City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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