Stumble, introspect and stand up again! This is how Zhejiang people carry the business around the world

2019-05-23 15:37:13 source: 世界浙商网;Translation: In Zhejiang




Ye Jianwu, a Wenzhou businessman, started to run a plastic-lined pipes and valves factory at the age of 16 with his elder brothers and sister. He was bold enough to go to the north of China to market his products. Yet he had not won much order in the beginning because Wenzhou products were not popular in the north back then. After returning to Wenzhou, he thought about the failure. Inspired by the influential news that Hangzhou Wulinmen burned up poor-quality shoes, he decided to put product quality above all.



The main product of his factory was a kind of anti-corrosive valve. To make the product anti-corrosive, he used the most expensive raw material. Sometimes, the products failed to meet the requirement. He would suffer a loss of thousands of yuan and scrap the flawed products without hesitation.


With the product quality guaranteed, Ye traveled to the north once again with his anti-corrosive valve. In order to win orders, he got in touch with an enterprise and suggested that the enterprise can use the products for free for half a year. Six months later, he went back to the client and verified at the site that the valve could operate well just like the new ones. Consequently, Ye was recognized by the company. His factory received a continuous flow of orders. The clients from the north cooperated with him for more than thirty years.



Wenzhou businessmen take business with them wherever they go. Sticking to the philosophy of “prioritizing integrity and quality”, Ye Jianwu also started business in Singapore and Spain. These years, he frequently traveled between home and abroad. The changes of his hometown Wenzhou impress him. “These years, the business environment of Wenzhou has been fully improved. The urban construction has made the city change significantly. The ‘best times’ for Wenzhou businessmen is here again,” Ye said.




In 2016, he was elected President of the Federation of Young Overseas Chinese of Spain and got in touch with many overseas Chinese in Europe. He found that many Wenzhou businessmen abroad have the intention to invest in their hometown. Since they had been away from Wenzhou all the time, they were not quite familiar with the conditions of it. Ye organized several groups of overseas Wenzhou businessmen and Spanish businessmen to learn about the economy and environment of China.


“In the future, I will offer Wenzhou compatriots abroad with the freshest information about the changes and policies of Wenzhou. I will also mobilize the resources of the second and third generations of overseas Chinese descendants and encourage them to go back to the hometown to seek investment opportunities.”

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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