Zhejiang craft to make her feel special: Yuhang oil-paper umbrella 小清新浙江工艺品温暖特别的“她”之余杭油纸伞

2019-05-10 17:07:37 source: Editor: Liu LIU


Are you eager to steal the heart of a lady? A  batch of refreshing crafts of Zhejiang Province are waiting to help you to make her feel special and don't miss this opportunity to express your love!

The oil-paper umbrella of Yuhang District, Zhejiang Province has a history of more than 230 years. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, there were multiple kinds of the umbrella such as fishing boat umbrella and civilization umbrella, which gained great popularity owing to exquisite workmanship, superb materials and durability. In the past, many pilgrims would knock at the door of stores at mid-night to purchase umbrellas as gifts for their families and friends when passing Yuhang.

The oil-paper umbrella was discarded with the appearance of steel-frame umbrella. By January 2007, the craft was restored under the support of the government of Yuhang District and made onto the list of intangible cultural heritages of Zhejiang.

Tools for umbrella making are made by blacksmiths particularly and materials for the umbrella are exquisite. The fabric is made from the best peach flower paper, which is pasted onto the ribs after being soaked in persimmon paint that comes from persimmon juice squeezed from mashed green persimmons. Bamboo and wooden umbrella handle and ribs are bound with lines. After the making of  umbrella fabric, patterns will be painted, followed by the application of boiled tung oil. Finally, the umbrella is hung and dried indoors. The production of an oil-paper umbrella undergoes at least 70 steps, including sawing the bamboo, scraping the green skin, cutting, chopping, sawing a groove, cutting and arranging the ribs, pasting and installing the handle.

(Executive Editor: Liu LIU)

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