Zhejiang craft to make her feel special: Longquan celadon 小清新浙江工艺品温暖特别的“她”之龙泉青瓷

2019-05-07 15:17:16 source: Editor: Liu LIU


Are you eager to steal the heart of a lady? A  batch of refreshing crafts of Zhejiang Province are waiting to help you to make her feel special and don't miss this opportunity to express your love!

Today,  we will talk about Longquan celadon.

Longquan of Lishui, Zhejiang is famous for its celadon. The firing of Longquan celadon dates back to more than 1,700 years ago and reached its peak in the Song Dynasty. It is one of the famous celadon kilns in the ceramic history of China and the world which tops in history of firing, distribution of kilns, product quality, production scale and export sales.

Longquan celadon can be divided into “Ge Kiln” and “Di Kiln”. The base of Ge Kiln is as thin as paper, the glaze is as thick as jade, the decorative patterns are magnificent and primitive and the glaze color is gray and elegant. Ge Kiln is successful for its modeling, glaze color and surface cracking. Since it is difficult to control the cracking artificially, the cracks are natural, producing aesthetic effects of naturalness, simpleness and antique flavor.

“Di Kiln” features white base and green glaze, a plump glaze layer, a soft luster, glittering like emerald. The verdant glaze color, complete with orange-red bottom feet or base-exposed patterns, creates an eye-pleasing visual effect. The decorations such as clouds, dragons and flowers at the bottom within plates and vessels are unique and charming.

Inheriting and modeling after the antique, modern Longquan celadon has achieved new breakthroughs. Purple bronze color glaze, high-temperature black glaze, tiger spot color glaze and brown glaze, etc. have been developed. Besides, it was inscribed on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritages of the Humankind by the UNESCO on September 30, 2009 and became the globally first and only ceramic item selected into the list.

Recently, the “Maritime Silk Road Exhibition of South China Sea I Longquan Celadon” held at the Museum of Longquan. Through three parts, “Pearls of South China Sea”, “Return of Song Ceramics” and “Silk Road”, the audience has further understood the Longquan celadon works that have been under the sea for many years. The exhibition was liked and praised by visitors.

(Executive Editor: Lubin WANG)

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